Help! I think I am better than you.

But He gives greater grace. Therefore, He says:God resists the proud,¬†but gives grace to the humble: James 4:6 Pride is something I have had to deal with in my personal life. I know , I haven’t achieved anything yet, is there a reason to be proud? That was my exact thought! However, pride can comeContinue reading “Help! I think I am better than you.”

The Other

Happy 2017 people ūüôā So the break has allowed me to fill ¬†lots of applications and its interesting that in most applications when I get to the gender specification¬†dialogue box, it is either Male, Female or Other like the one below. What is this “Other”? Apparently, the third or other¬†gender¬†is a concept in which individualsContinue reading “The Other”

“Why would God let me burn in Hell because I refuse to accept Jesus? How Cruel!”

I saw the above question on a website and I thought ” Wow! valid question”. I bet so many people think God is unfair and just plain cruel.Although,¬† you are entitled to your opinion, please indulge me for a¬† few minutes. Imagine , you build a machine that looks, thinks and feels just like yourselfContinue reading ““Why would God let me burn in Hell because I refuse to accept Jesus? How Cruel!””

He has it all figured out

“Then the word of the Lord came to them: ‚ÄúLaw after law, law after law, line after line, line after line, a little here, a little there,“ Isaiah 28:13a On Saturday¬† my friend-Tosin- got married to her heart-throb and after the wedding, Laura and I wanted to get food in the evening but we keptContinue reading “He has it all figured out”

“God Does Not Speak”

There are people who do not believe that the supernatural exists, which is sad because it would then be difficult to convince such a person that GOD SPEAKS! I should start by apologising for the misleading title as this post is about how the Holy Spirit who is God speaks and leads any human thatContinue reading ““God Does Not Speak””

Let’s talk about ‘Alone Time’

Hello lovelies, It’s February already. Happy New month! If you are Nigerian and grew up in the church, you probably think I am talking about your personal devotion AKA “Alone time with God”. “Alone time with God” is important for growth in your relationship with Jesus, however, today, let’s look at alone time with yourself.Continue reading “Let’s talk about ‘Alone Time’”

Be loved and love

So, in my recent interactions with people, I have discovered that lots of people actually believe in a “god”. Some people call him/her/it “Mother nature” , “the universe”¬† or just the “big man upstairs”. I have also seen that it’s really difficult to acknowledge Jesus as God and God as YAWEH, The father of JesusContinue reading “Be loved and love”

The Future

Recently, I started getting worried about what I am supposed to do with my life.It bothered me a lot that I didn’t know completely what I am supposed to do on earth. And of course, The one who loves me unconditionally directed me to his word. 1 corinthians 13:9 (NKJV) “¬†For we know in partContinue reading “The Future”

Turbulence is good

Apparently, turbulence is what nervous fliers fear the most when they board an aircraft. Imagine being on an airplane that is cruising at about 35000 feet and the plane is acting like it would drop any second. it’s funny how lots of people get super religious at this moment even when they blatantly reject theContinue reading “Turbulence is good”

A hard time?

Hi there, Is life’s pressure getting to you? Are you having a hard time? Did your life just get reshuffled? Are you transitioning from on stage or phase to another? Worried about how the future would look? Stop worrying and focus on the big picture. Why? What’s this big picture? Okay! So,your life is reallyContinue reading “A hard time?”