Not a victim

Dear non-Caucasian child of God. You are not a victim and not everything is racism. No, I am not in denial.. I’ve had terrible experiences but I’ve also encountered people who are kind and loving and weren’t the same race as me. Yes, some people are just stupid and immature but you cannot live yourContinue reading “Not a victim”

You will have what you say

Maybe that situation is not changing because you keep speaking what is happening instead of what you want to see. Maybe your life sucks because you keep confessing how much it sucks. Maybe you make stupid decisions because you keep saying ‘I’m so stupid’. Fam, read your Bible and speak only what it says. IfContinue reading “You will have what you say”

Investing time to know yourself

You will be confused about your life and your identity if you spend all your time with people, Netflix and the pleasures of this world. You won’t be able to hear God speak. In hearing and knowing God, you will know yourself. This is because we find ourselves in Him. Without Jesus, this life justContinue reading “Investing time to know yourself”

Called to stand out

We neee to build character , infact people will know we are God’s children by our fruits (our character) (Matthew 7:15-20,Galatians 5:22-23). They will know us by how we relate with people, how we carry ourselves and how we treat humanity. However, God hasn’t called us to live in timidity and fear. We are calledContinue reading “Called to stand out”