Your life, His life

Dear sister whose motivation success according to the standard of the world. I wish I could tell you that it is all about you but that would be a lie. Dear sister that wants to be quickly successful I wish I could tell you that it will happen so fast but that would be aContinue reading “Your life, His life”

Self-love or selfishness?

What we call selflove many times is selfishness. I am not saying you shouldn’t love yourself, please by all means love yourself but love the Lord God with all your heart first. Why do we sometimes engage in what is not pleasing to God? Because we are selfish. Humans are generally selfish and sometimes actsContinue reading “Self-love or selfishness?”

Dear young minister,

Just because you are called doesn’t mean you are entitled to anything. David was already anointed by Samuel when he started working with Saul yet several times in 1 Samuel 18, it is stated that he conducted himself more wisely than all his colleagues in the Palace. You are entitled to anything. You are notContinue reading “Dear young minister,”